About the film-makers

The writers/directors: 

All That Remains will mark the third feature film project to be helmed by Ian and Dominic Higgins. The first being the critically acclaimed, The 13th Day and the second being the equally well received follow up documentary, Finding Fatima.

They also run their own independent film production and special effects company, Pixel Revolution Films (the production company behind All That Remains and also responsible for all of the special effects shots). They also work as freelance illustrators and photographers.

When not making films, or producing ads and illustrations for clients, they can be found testing out new cameras and accessories, or experimenting with ways to push the boat out and break new ground in the ever evolving field of digital film.

Ian with soldier extras

Ian on one of the sets for the Chinese war sequences.

Dominic with extra

Dominic tells an extra what he’s looking for. The blue screen in the background, will allow us to superimpose the actor into a digital set piece, in this case, the bombed out ruins of a Chinese town.

It was while researching Finding Fatima that Ian and Dominic came across the story of Dr. Takashi Nagai and intrigued, they began to read up on him.

“It was actually after we read The Bells of Nagasaki, Takashi Nagai‘s own first-hand account of surviving the atomic bombing, and A Song For Nagasaki, by Paul Glynn, that we knew we had found our next project,” explains Ian. “It’s incredible that this story isn’t more widely known.”

“Hopefully, our work, and any success the film may have will re-ignite interest in the story of Dr. Nagai and the incredible volumes of writings that he produced in his final years,“ adds Dominic.

Dominic with extra

Dominic demonstrates how to get shot by a machine gun…

Ian reading the Bells of Nagasaki by Takashi Nagai.

Ian reading the Bells of Nagasaki by Takashi Nagai – one of the books that inspired the movie.

The co-producers:

Sharing producing duties with Ian & Dominic are:

Joel Fletcher, associate producer, currently runs Dynomite Productions, a video production company based in Nottinghamshire, in the UK.

He studied film production at Stafford University and it was there that he responded to an ad placed by Ian and Dominic, seeking crew for a short film they were directing. Since then, the three of them have worked together on two short films and two Feature films. All That Remains will be their third feature film collaboration.

His producing credits include Finding Fatima.

Joel on set

Joel on the set of a bombed out town.

Joel and Dominic on set

Joel and Dominic discuss an idea before shooting.

Nigel Martin Davey is a West Midlands based film and stage producer whose past projects have attracted many well-known and respected actors from the UK.

He finds himself drawn to projects that deal with humanitarian issues.

His recent stage show, Survive! garnered the support of Dame Judi Dench, Sir Roger Moore and Johnny Depp.

Sir Norman and Nigel

British screen legend Sir Norman Wisdom with Nigel

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  1. Jim KABLE

     /  August 9, 2012

    Paul GLYNN SM has just referred me to your site re “All That Remains”. We became friends in 1995 when I read his story of Dr NAGAI. I was then living and teaching in western Japan. Some years earlier I was an exchange teacher in Matsue-City (where Dr NAGAI was born) and in Mitoya in 1996 (now part of Unnan-City) I stayed with KAGEYAMA Susumu (retired teacher/JoDo Sect priest/deceased) who introduced me to a cousin of Dr NAGAI in the old thatched house where Dr Nagai had lived with his Dr father/family during his primary/middle school days {before returning to Matsue-City for his senior high education and then entrance into Nagasaki University’s medical faculty) and took me to the local Memorial Museum to Dr NAGAI. Near the end of 1996 a doctor friend took me to Nagasaki and to the little place in which Dr NAGAI lived out his last years – just across from Peace Park. I returned again some weeks later with my wife and followed this story further – visiting the grave of Dr NAGAI and his wife. In Tsuwano (far south-western Shimane-ken) I first visited in 1991 during “The Way of the Virgin” annual Golden Week (May 3) procession of Christians from across western Japan – remembering the Hidden Christians sent there who had suffered terrible/hideous torture after their exposure around 1870 in Nagasaki when Fr Petitjean had set up a church. (Christianity was permitted from 1872 onwards.) It was the son of the Hidden Christian group leader in Tsuwano who later became a priest (MORIYAMA if I recollect correctly) who instructed Dr NAGAI into the Catholic faith in Nagasaki – so that he could marry into a family of those former Hidden Christians. How tangled it all was – and what a saint he was! And how excited I am to learn of this project. In fact I had written to Paul GLYNN SM to-day (August 9th!) knowing that he would reflecting on Dr NAGAI and the lessons our world needs to learn about peace and reconciliation! Thank-you. Would that I were materially able to assist you … but all I can send is much positive sensibility and prayers for your success! Thank-you!

  2. Thanks for your wonderful comments Jim – your prayers and well wishes are very much appreciated!

  3. MJ Simmons

     /  October 1, 2014

    How are things going? Prayers sent…


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