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“All That Remains”, is a powerful true story of atomic bomb survivor Takashi Nagai, pioneering scientist, Christian convert, and dedicated peace-activist.

Takashi Nagai, a descendent of a Samurai family, a patriot and a pioneering scientist embarks upon a quest for the “ultimate truth” – the meaning to life and death.

It is a journey of discovery that will change his life forever. An extraordinary story of persecution, courage, faith and love unfolds as he uncovers the Christian legacy of Nagasaki and meets his own destiny. Along the journey we meet Paul Miki and the 26 martyrs of Japan and learn how the building of Urakami cathedral – the grandest cathedral in the East came to symbolize the enduring faith of the Nagasaki Christians.

Then Takashi meets Midori, the woman who will finally transform a sceptical man of intellect, into a man of the heart. But on one sunny, August morning in 1945, everything vanishes in a blinding flash of light, and the world is turned into a burning inferno. The second atomic bomb to be used in warfare has just exploded over Nagasaki. Midori is one of the estimated 80,000 souls killed instantly. Now the scientist is forced to turn to God, as he must become a father and a teacher, not just to his two young children, but to an orphaned nation, sick and debilitated by war.

It is his faith that will guide him back to Atom bombed Nagasaki, and it will be his faith that will him inspire him to help rebuild a city from rubble and ash. Having been diagnosed with leukemia (a result of prolonged exposure to X-rays), he dedicates the rest of his short life to promoting world peace through his work as a writer. After a battle against censorship, his first book “The Bells Of Nagasaki”, becomes an instant bestseller though out Japan, as a people, defeated and demoralised by war, re-discover through his words, the healing of power of love.

Now confined to his bed and sensing his time is running out, Takashi begins to write his final and most poignant book, “Leaving My Beloved Children Behind”, a serious of letters addressed to his children. “All That Remains” is an inspiring story of supreme sacrifice and a testament to the strength of faith and the power of love.

Concept Art

Concept Art for “All That Remains”

Making a movie and making movie history….

All That Remains will be one of the first feature films to be shot using HD DSLR cameras AND to implement the cutting edge technology of HDR (high dynamic range) photography which will result in images that have far more clarity and definiton.

Film is changing, both the way we watch it and the way we make it, and as a film production company we are committed to being both pioneer and an innovator in these exciting times.

For more about the technology behind the movie check out the blog of Directors Ian and Dominic Higgins.

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  1. M. J. simmons

     /  March 20, 2013

    Thank you for being brave to tell this story…

  2. Michael Allen

     /  April 1, 2013

    Ian and Dominic you are making very beautiful movies – it’s art.
    Thank You.

  3. Antonio Cintra

     /  November 7, 2015

    Hi, I would like to buy a copy of the Movie. I can wait if it is scheduled to be shown in Sweden. Best regards Antonio Cintra

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