All That Remains cast interview: Leo Ashizawa

Great interview with our lead actor!


Leo Ashizawa Leo Ashizawa

Leo Ashizawa plays the lead role in our feature film, “All That Remains”. Here’s an in-depth and very interesting interview with the man himself.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

I was born in Japan. I had four dreams when I was a kid. In my town, when we graduate from primary school, every single student writes down what they want to be when they become an adult. I wrote ‘I want to be an actor’, so that was my first dream.

The other three dreams came later; they were to be an archaeologist, a palaeontologist, and a marine zoologist, simply because I loved history, dinosaurs, and whales and dolphins.

When it was time to choose which university to go to, I re-thought what I wanted to do and because I believed at that time acting is not something to study at university and drama…

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