The making of 26 Martyrs.

“26 Martyrs” is a sort of prequel to “All That Remains” in that it illustrates the Christian heritage of Nagasaki and is one of the stories that inspired Dr. Nagai.

As work on the animated short  draws to a close, we’re busy preparing a promotional trailer! In the meantime though, we thought we’d post a link to this behind the scenes glimpse from the blog of directors Ian and Dominic Higgins.

The making of the 26 Martyrs

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The movie, the blog.

Welcome to the place where we’ll be posting updates and news on our progress in the making of “All That Remains”, the story of Dr. Takashi Nagai. Here we’ll talk about our ideas, the difficulties we face in telling such an ambitious story, the creative decisions that we make, and give plenty of peeks behind the scenes.

Also, here’s the place to give us some feedback on the ideas, concepts, clips etc that we post, although we have a strong idea of how we will tell the story, we believe that an open mind is the most creative.

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