There’s no place like home…

Charlie Green

Charlie Green singing in a scene from All That Remains

As we prepare for our next shoot this Sunday and Monday (the 17th and 18th March) just time to post another update…

The main focus of this upcoming shoot is the scenes of Takashi and his father, who was also a doctor. Takashi’s father was a huge influence on his son, talking him out of his aspirations of being an artist and encouraging him to take up medicine when he was a child.

He was also very against Takashi’s conversion to Christianity and his marriage to Midori (the daughter of an important Christian family).  In fact, it would be Midori who would heal the rift between father and son caused by his conversion.

On our next blog we’ll post stills and more in-depth info on the shoot!

Meanwhile, we’ve posted some more stills from our last shoot along with a special clip from the “China War sequence”  (at the end of this posting) featuring Singer Charlie Green making his feature film debut appearance, performing “There’s No Place Like Home”.

For the directors, Ian and Dominic Higgins, this is one of the key scenes of the movie.

“Charlie was not only a joy to work with, he gave us what we wanted straight off the bat”, says Ian, “and thanks to him, we got an amazing scene that really helps set up one of the ways we want to use music in the film – to symbolize the transcendental power of the human spirit, even in the bleakest of moments.”

“Charlie’s voice has the power to move, and that’s exactly what we were looking for in this scene”, adds Dominic.

Charlie Green

Charlie Green performs “No Place Like Home”

Alongside the war scenes, we filmed other scenes depicting married life for Takashi and Midori, including the night Midori carried her husband home on her back, after finding him collapsed, suffering a severe asthma attack on his way home from a night-time call out. We’ll be uploading this scene to the production hub soon.

Midori and Tsumo

Midori (Yuna Shin) and her mother, Tsumo (Meg Kubota) try to hide their concern for Takashi who’s been called out to a patient in a snow storm.

Midori and Tsumo


A worried Midori goes in search of her missing husband

A worried Midori goes in search of her missing husband

Midori Rescues Takashi

Midori Rescues Takashi

The Graceful Bamboo

The Graceful Bamboo – Midori carries her sick husband home, on her back.

 On the “Production Hub”, you’ll also be able check out some storyboard art for the upcoming shoot too.

A huge thank you to Pastor Malcolm Bull and his wife, Janet for their wonderful hospitality and generosity during our previous shoot and once again, our gratitude also goes out to Bill and Sheila Evans for keeping us all so well fed and for always going the extra mile.

Enjoy the clip below!

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  1. Susan Mann

     /  March 17, 2013

    I read “A Song for Nagasaki,” which moved me to tears, and couldn’t find the original movie. I am so excited that you are making your movie! If it doesn’t show in Fresno, I plan to buy the DVD.


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