Happy Christmas!

It’s Christmas Eve and we’re just about to wind down for a couple of days of rest. But before we do, as a special thank you to everyone who has supported our work we thought we’d upload a working edit of a scene from the movie.

We chose the scene where we see Dr. Nagai’s seminal book, “The Bells of Nagasaki” finally find its voice and consequently, became a publishing phenomenon in 1949.

This scene seemed the perfect choice, as this very book was the reason we first embarked on our incredible film-making journey, resolute to make the life of Dr. Nagai and the events of “that day” better known for generations to come.

Please note – this scene, like all scenes at this stage, is a work in progress  so there is no professional sound mix and some shots are as yet incomplete.

The Bells of Nagasaki finds a voice….

For those of you who have access to the “production hub” you can also see another scene – a personal favourite of directors Ian and Dominic Higgins as it showcases a little party trick of Dr. Nagai’s – a traditional dance called “dance of the Mudfish catcher”!

And just because it’s Christmas – a classic Christmas hit whose message couldn’t be more relevant.

A very merry Christmas from us all!

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  1. The prayer for peace and the spirit of Dr Nagai will be proclaimed to the world through this new film for ever and ever!

  2. Thanks for your kind words Kay!


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