Now the Indiegogo campaign is over, the next stage of production begins…

As the dust settles on our latest fund raising campaign,  the next major step of the production process gets underway – namely the translation of all the Japanese interviews and research material, and within the next few days, the (potentially lengthy) casting process of finding our key actors will begin.

As always, script re-writes and work on effect shots continues simultaneous to the other production work.

Since our Indiegogo campaign ended, we’ve also received several emails from people asking if they can still make a donation to help towards the costs of production. Well, yes you can! Right under the video posted below, you’ll find a “donate” link, simply click on that and PayPal will take care of the rest. It’s safe, secure and easy. Feel free to donate however much or little you want, it’ll all make a difference. Donate $15 dollars or more and you’ll get to see your name in the end credits of the movie, $500 or more and you get a producers credit!

Below is an exclusive video in which Directors Ian and Dominic Higgins and Producer Joel Fletcher discuss their vision for All That Remains and why they believe it’s a great project to be a part of.

You can still make a difference, you can still help us to tell the story of a life worth remembering.

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